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The Charlatans. The band that started the whole hippie ballroom poster bohemia thing.


The Seed. 6/21/1965. Everything else came after. Art by Mike Ferguson, George Hunter–The Charlatans.


George Hunter, Richard Olsen, Mike Wilhelm, Dan Hicks, Michael Ferguson.

The Charlatans emerged out of San Francisco State University in early 1965. They packed up and drove to Virginia City, NV, an early bohemian scene that came together in June, when the Red Dog Saloon opened with a two week residency, direct from San Francisco, the limit of the marvelous–Charlatans.

The band honed their chops playing mostly blues and early rock&roll covers. Pianist, Michael Ferguson and singer/autoharp, George Hunter brought their home grown graphics back to SF, just as the Kesey Acid Tests were conceived by the Merry Pranksters, Chet Helms Family Dog, Owsley LSD, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane. At Longshoreman’s Hall, California Hall, Fillmore, Avalon. The poster art, Victorian fashion revival and music scene that followed all owe a debt to The Charlatans.

They never had a hit, they were considered passe by the end of the so-called Summer of Love. Dan Hicks went on to great success with his Hot Licks in the 70s. Mike Wilhelm was active throughout the post Charlatans years.  His band Loose Gravel continued the Charlatans style into the early 70s. Mike was also in The Flamin’ Groovies.


Early Family Dog. 1/8/66. Art by Ferguson/Hunter, The Charlatans.


Triptych of Family Dog Avalon Ballroom posters, 1967. Herb Greene photos.

The Charlatans Codine ad_0


Charlatans 50th

The Charlatans 50th Anniversary Red Dog Saloon Reunion, Virginia City NV, 6/21/2015. © Final performance of The Charlatans. Also one of Dan Hicks last performances.



Butter Fanzine #1: Teddy Quinn celebrates release of new album, 1.11.


Bill Maresh, Jennifer Irvine, Danny Frankel, Leslie Mariah Andrews, Jeff Boaz, Teddy Quinn, Kip Powell, Lisa Mednick Powell=Teddy Quinn Orquestra. At Joshua Tree Saloon, 11/12. Playing selections from 1.11, Ted’s new album out on vinyl, cassette and CD.


Danny Frankel, Sage Quinn Blair, Jeff Boaz–percussion section of Teddy Quinn Orquestra.


Beautiful evening at Joshua Tree Saloon. butterphoto©2016.


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Butter Fanzine #1–Drug, Jail Weddings at Pappy&Harriet’s


Cristie Carter




Theo Smith after Doctor Strange at the 3D Cinema.


The Mad Loop


Jamie Hafler

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Jail Weddings. Buy em on BandCamp.


At Pappy&Harriet’s, 11/10/16. butterphoto ©2016. Butter Fanzine #1.


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Butter Fanzine #1. The Bobbie Jo and the Twins Story.


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The Bobbie Jo and the Twins Story



Dan Nishimura, Eric Sandweiss, Clara Lusardi, David Butterfield



Party, Noe Valley. Cops came. Good party. Bill Collins-25A, great Singer/Songwriter John Palme with wife Lynn-26,


Line art for the EP cassette. Bobbie Jo and the Twins/Progressive Linkage. 1983. Click arrow to play the EP.







Fast Floyd loved Jo-ann & the Twins.  The Stirrups were good. Openers, Bobbie Jo and the Twins were favorites of Dirk Dirksen and Ness Aquino. Fuck Fast Floyd.

BUTTER Fanzine #1: Rockabilly Guitar Summit, The King and The Humbler, 1983


Carl Perkins, Saddle Rack, San Jose, CA. butterphoto©1983. The King and The Humbler.


Danny Gatton with the Robert Gordon band, Saddle Rack, San Jose, CA. butterphoto©1983

Carl Perkins is the most underrated, underappreciated hero of RocknRoll and the uncredited King of Rockabilly. Sun Records’ finest artist in my opinion. Boppin’ the Blues, Dixie Fried, Honey Don’t, Blue Suede Shoes, Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby, Tennessee–all written by Perkins.  The records all jump off the turntable. Fluke Holland’s propulsive drumming is spectacularly enhanced by Carl Perkins’ guitar–rhythm, fills, lead all at once. Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Bo Diddley and later  Jimi Hendrix are on the same Picker/Songwriter Rushmore.

There’s another Rushmore for sidemen. Danny Gatton, Cliff Gallup, Jimmy Bryant, Chet Atkins, TK Smith, Amos Garrett, Joe Maphis, Wayne Moss, Grady Martin, Steve Cropper, Jerry McGee, Scotty Moore, Roy Nichols, Roy Buchanan, James Burton, Tony Gilkyson are all monumental.

I was taking guitar lessons with Bill Collins in Berkeley around 1981-82. In his early 20s, Bill was in several bands–punk, rockabilly, country–and I was lucky enough to see his bulletin board post in Leo’s music advertising lessons. Bill’s tab lesson, Cliff Gallup’s solo on  Gene Vincent’s “Race With the Devil.” in photo below cassette, a dupe from the original sound board transcription of Robert Gordon with Danny Gatton at Berkeley Square. Now known as “The Humbler,”  it is one of several cassette copies Bill Collins gave me in the early 80s. The track is “There Stands the Glass” and Gatton’s playing  is otherworldly great. Another great guitar player, Amos Garrett was at Berkeley Square and paid tribute after the show, laying the monicker “The Humbler” on Gatton. There’s a new documentary about Danny Gatton, called “The Humbler.” This recording is now out on CD. Fabo!


A year or two after Bill Collins laid The Humbler on me, I got to see Gatton with Robert Gordon (band also included Tony Garnier on bass and Lee Allen on tenor sax.) The opening act at San Jose Saddle Rack was Carl Perkins&Sons. The photos above were taken that night. Gordon,Gatton were so great! But so was Carl Perkins.

This show happened at the tail end of my Rockabilly days in San Francisco. Next installment of Butter Fanzine: The Bobbie Jo and the Twins Story.


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