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One year before the masthead.


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Little Saigon #3


Little Saigon #3–Available at Trump Towers and Ethnic Registration Centers.

Photomontage, 12×24″ K3 pigment print. Limited #/50 edition, signed in border. Click link to purchase. http://www.davidbutterfield.com/#a=0&at=0&mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=10&p=0

20% of sales donated to STOP DAPL/Standing Rock water protectors.

Another 20% donated to ACLU- Prosecute Trump fund.




Crazy Al, Kraze, Alan Norgaard. Albuquerque to LA expat, 1965. Admiral of the Echo Park Boat House, 1966–1969. Midnight prowler in the Elysian Park hills. The rappity rap on your window at 3 am to bum a joint. Laurel Canyon party crasher. Able to chug a quart of Eastside, consume a chile relleno Burrito King, smoke two joints while spinning a whopper yarn…. Kind of a poor man’s Neal Cassady, LA style. Loved the man, hated the substance abuser. This photo session was on my glassed in front porch, Court Street at Edgeware. We housed many wandering lads on that porch but Kraze was definitely the most photogenic.

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