Albuquerque Show with David Butterfield and Joe Garcia

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Albuquerque Show. Landers Brew, Saturday 1/20. Join New Mexico homeboys Joe Garcia and David Butterfield for an evening of original music, art and photography with an Albuquerque theme. Watercolor ©2018 by on view and for sale at the show. 1388 Golden Slipper Lane, Landers, CA 92285.

David Butterfield, Joe Garcia, Landers Brew, Sat., 1/20, 8pm


Come out Saturday for the Albuquerque Show, with Joe Garcia’s Urban Desert Cabaret. Featuring my artwork and photography onstage. Great original music, BEER. UDC Landers Brew residency is really fun. Support your local musicians and party with legal vipers, mole people, combat wombats, free parking for flying saucers.

Happenings are back. Landers style.

David Butterfield, Joe Garcia-urban desert cabaret. Original music, art show, happening. Landers Brew, Tomorrow, Saturday, 9-23-17. 8pm.

click arrow to play original music track, ‘You’re Lyin’ by David Butterfield.


Wild Thang pigment print ©2017 studiomantequilla.


Last Call: Women of Abstract Expressionism at Palm Springs Art Museum thru May 28.

Last Call! Women of Abstract Expressionism at Palm Springs Art Museum. Best painting show at PSAM I’ve seen in 12 years.


2 by Lee Krasner.



Joan Mitchell


Lee Krasner


Jay DeFeo, above, below


schwab 2

Ethel Schwabacher above and below. Noticed these on my 3rd visit. Under the influence of Hans Hofmann as were many East Coast abstract painters. Ethel is now one of my favorite painters. These canvasses are amazing.

schwab 1


Perle Fine


Elaine De Kooning, Bill De Kooning


Elaine De Kooning


Helen Frankenthaler

iPhone 6 snaps at Palm Springs Art Museum. 2/23/17.

Andre Kertesz ‘OF NEW YORK…’

of ny

Andre Kertesz, OF NEW YORK… Knopf, 1976. 184 gravure printed photographs.

kertesz ws snow

kertesz window warp


I remember seeing OF NEW YORK… in the MoMA bookstore around the time it was published. $22.50 was a lot in 1976.

The book left a lasting impression. I’ve loved gravure printing of black and white photographs since I discovered Weegee’s Naked City in the stacks at the old LA Main Library, 1968. Another gravure printed masterpiece is William Claxton’s Jazz. The first edition, 1952, of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s The Decisive Moment and Verve magazine, 1937-39 were printed in heliogravure, in Paris. All of these publications are classics of black and white photography.

When I sell my own work I nearly always blow the proceeds on records, photo gear, music gear or photo books. These are my luxury items. Found  OF NEW YORK… on eBay and jumped on it as soon as the description got to 184 gravure prints! That’s what made an impression on me in 1976, looking at the book in MoMA store. The greatness of Kertesz, enhanced by the velvet richness of gravure.

I put on the new Willie Nelson CD, God’s Problem Child, when I got home from the Post Office. Opened the package and took a joy ride through OF NEW YORK… Put on Rodney Crowell’s new cd Close Ties about halfway through the book. Suffice it to say, I love New York City and great photographs of NY are also special to me. Weegee’s Naked City, a love letter written in 1945.  OF NEW YORK–memoir of a love affair 1937–1976.


Andre Kertesz at home, Greenwich Village NYC.

Walker Evans- Havana 1933


Walker Evans- Havana 1933. Pantheon, 1989. Essay by Gilles Mora.


Best $7 ever spent on eBay. Walker Evans first major photo-essay, to illustrate The Crime of Cuba, 1933, a political book by Carleton Beals with 31 Evans photographs printed in aquatone. By today’s standards the 1933 book has sub par photo reproduction. Havana 1933, 1989, has 111 gorgeous duotones printed in Italy.

I haven’t yet read Gilles Mora’s essay, translated from French, but I am familiar with another great photo book he did, Bernard Plossu’s New Mexico. Text by Gilles Mora, foreword by Edward T Hall. Plossu’s Frenchmans take on New Mexico, my home state, in the early 80s is another recently discovered favorite of mine. It’s easy to see how Mora would be drawn to the work of Walker and Plossu. Foreigners discovering a new cultures through the lens of a camera.

Evans photographs of Cuba were well received. The Museum of Modern Art exhibition and catalog, American Photographs, followed in 1938. The 1938 MoMA book currently selling for $3-4,000. I have the 75th anniversary edition. This book has long been considered a benchmark of American photojournalism/fine art street photography. Walker EvansHavana 1933 displays his greatness every bit as much as American Photographs.




Walker Evans in Cuba, 1933.