Willie’s Manifesto


Vinyl now playing at Rancho Mantequilla. Willie Nelson …and then I wrote, Liberty, 1962. My personal, autographed copy.

Willie’s shockingly original debut LP, introduces his jazzy vocal styling on Nelson originals– Touch Me, Hello Walls, Funny How Time Slips Away, Three Days, Crazy. Most were already hits for Faron Young, Carl Smith, Patsy Cline when Willie went into the studio to record his first album in 1961.

Aside from the occasional clutter of background singers, this has the sonic clarity of a Sinatra session. …and then I wrote brings a fresh, spare breeze into Country music. Like Sinatra, Willie Nelson’s vocal phrasing is riveting and casual at the same time. None other than Miles Davis credited Willie as an influence.

No one ever sang a Willie Nelson song better than Willie. Different maybe, radio hit maybe, but Willie broke the molds and crafted a whole new model with …and then i wrote. The record sucks you in like a Hoover. Never fails to satisfy. 55 years old and sounds like tomorrow.

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Willie Nelson’s ‘God’s Problem Child’


Just started streaming Willie’s NEW album. Hooray. NPR Music rocks. Trigger and Mickey Raphael get great workouts. Tony Joe White and Jamey Johnson co-wrote and sing on the title track, ‘God’s Problem Child.” Ends on a sad note, tribute to Merle Haggard.


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Most deeply satisfying Willie record in years. #willienelson

One year before the masthead.


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Earl Scruggs Revue at Thunderbird Bar, Placitas, NM. 1972.


Randy Scruggs, Buck Graves, Earl, Jody Maphis, Gary Scruggs. The Earl Scruggs Revue. Thunderbird Bar, Placitas, NM. ©1972 by DavidButterfield.com. Earl Scruggs is a hero. In 1969, he broke with Lester Flatt and formed the revue with sons Randy and Gary. Dobro great, Buck Graves left Flatt and Scruggs with Earl.

The Revue, 1972 Live at Kansas State U. With VASSAR CLEMENTS fiddle, Bob Wilson, piano.

Earl Scruggs broke all the molds and conservative political ties in 1960s Nashville when The Revue played the Vietnam Moratorium in Washington, DC. He quietly paved the way for a more open-minded American music and was quickly followed by Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Commander Cody and a tidal wave of hippies with banjoes.

My band, Heart, played several weekend dates at the Thunderbird, in the Sandia foothills east of Bernalillo, halfway between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Steve, Barry and Peaches of the Placitas commune (Geodesic domes still there. Barry and Peaches still there) opened the Thunderbird in 1969. It was a wild place in the early 70s. Pappy & Harriet’s, my local saloon is very reminiscent of the T-Bird. Middle of nowhere road house with live music, hippies, bikers. T-Bird began to book national touring acts in 1972, after they enlarged the music room, seen in the photo. I also saw Freddie King on this stage. Sadly my photos were bad. Freddie had one of the best blues bands ever. Thunderbird Bar burned to the ground around 1975. Placitas is a ritzy McAdobeMansion suburb now but the dome people still reside surrounded by the upscale Pueblo Moderne.

Earl Scruggs Revue was a delight. I’ve always called Earl, The Country Gentleman. He was for the banjo what Doc Watson was for the guitar. Naturally one of my favorite records is Flatt and Scruggs with Doc Watson -Strictly Instrumental.

Butter Fanzine #1: Teddy Quinn celebrates release of new album, 1.11.


Bill Maresh, Jennifer Irvine, Danny Frankel, Leslie Mariah Andrews, Jeff Boaz, Teddy Quinn, Kip Powell, Lisa Mednick Powell=Teddy Quinn Orquestra. At Joshua Tree Saloon, 11/12. Playing selections from 1.11, Ted’s new album out on vinyl, cassette and CD.


Danny Frankel, Sage Quinn Blair, Jeff Boaz–percussion section of Teddy Quinn Orquestra.


Beautiful evening at Joshua Tree Saloon. butterphoto©2016.


Buy it on BandCamp. Click link. http://teddyquinn.bandcamp.com/album/111

Look for the print edition of Butter Fanzine #1, Coming soon to your newstand. With review of Teddy Quinn 1.11.

Butter Fanzine #1–Drug, Jail Weddings at Pappy&Harriet’s


Cristie Carter




Theo Smith after Doctor Strange at the 3D Cinema.


The Mad Loop


Jamie Hafler

Buy Drug on BandCamp. https://drugmusica.bandcamp.com/track/sex-after-prom


Jail Weddings. Buy em on BandCamp. http://jailweddings.bandcamp.com/


At Pappy&Harriet’s, 11/10/16. butterphoto ©2016. Butter Fanzine #1.


Butter Fanzine Look for it at your newstand, coming soon.

Butter Fanzine #1. The Bobbie Jo and the Twins Story.


Slow news day and sick of election garbage. Butter Fanzine #1.

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The Bobbie Jo and the Twins Story



Dan Nishimura, Eric Sandweiss, Clara Lusardi, David Butterfield



Party, Noe Valley. Cops came. Good party. Bill Collins-25A, great Singer/Songwriter John Palme with wife Lynn-26,


Line art for the EP cassette. Bobbie Jo and the Twins/Progressive Linkage. 1983. Click arrow to play the EP.







Fast Floyd loved Jo-ann & the Twins.  The Stirrups were good. Openers, Bobbie Jo and the Twins were favorites of Dirk Dirksen and Ness Aquino. Fuck Fast Floyd.