Butter Fanzine #1. The Bobbie Jo and the Twins Story.


Slow news day and sick of election garbage. Butter Fanzine #1.

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The Bobbie Jo and the Twins Story



Dan Nishimura, Eric Sandweiss, Clara Lusardi, David Butterfield



Party, Noe Valley. Cops came. Good party. Bill Collins-25A, great Singer/Songwriter John Palme with wife Lynn-26,


Line art for the EP cassette. Bobbie Jo and the Twins/Progressive Linkage. 1983. Click arrow to play the EP.







Fast Floyd loved Jo-ann & the Twins.  The Stirrups were good. Openers, Bobbie Jo and the Twins were favorites of Dirk Dirksen and Ness Aquino. Fuck Fast Floyd.

BUTTER Fanzine #1: Rockabilly Guitar Summit, The King and The Humbler, 1983


Carl Perkins, Saddle Rack, San Jose, CA. butterphoto©1983. The King and The Humbler.


Danny Gatton with the Robert Gordon band, Saddle Rack, San Jose, CA. butterphoto©1983

Carl Perkins is the most underrated, underappreciated hero of RocknRoll and the uncredited King of Rockabilly. Sun Records’ finest artist in my opinion. Boppin’ the Blues, Dixie Fried, Honey Don’t, Blue Suede Shoes, Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby, Tennessee–all written by Perkins.  The records all jump off the turntable. Fluke Holland’s propulsive drumming is spectacularly enhanced by Carl Perkins’ guitar–rhythm, fills, lead all at once. Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Bo Diddley and later  Jimi Hendrix are on the same Picker/Songwriter Rushmore.

There’s another Rushmore for sidemen. Danny Gatton, Cliff Gallup, Jimmy Bryant, Chet Atkins, TK Smith, Amos Garrett, Joe Maphis, Wayne Moss, Grady Martin, Steve Cropper, Jerry McGee, Scotty Moore, Roy Nichols, Roy Buchanan, James Burton, Tony Gilkyson are all monumental.

I was taking guitar lessons with Bill Collins in Berkeley around 1981-82. In his early 20s, Bill was in several bands–punk, rockabilly, country–and I was lucky enough to see his bulletin board post in Leo’s music advertising lessons. Bill’s tab lesson, Cliff Gallup’s solo on  Gene Vincent’s “Race With the Devil.” in photo below cassette, a dupe from the original sound board transcription of Robert Gordon with Danny Gatton at Berkeley Square. Now known as “The Humbler,”  it is one of several cassette copies Bill Collins gave me in the early 80s. The track is “There Stands the Glass” and Gatton’s playing  is otherworldly great. Another great guitar player, Amos Garrett was at Berkeley Square and paid tribute after the show, laying the monicker “The Humbler” on Gatton. There’s a new documentary about Danny Gatton, called “The Humbler.” This recording is now out on CD. Fabo!


A year or two after Bill Collins laid The Humbler on me, I got to see Gatton with Robert Gordon (band also included Tony Garnier on bass and Lee Allen on tenor sax.) The opening act at San Jose Saddle Rack was Carl Perkins&Sons. The photos above were taken that night. Gordon,Gatton were so great! But so was Carl Perkins.

This show happened at the tail end of my Rockabilly days in San Francisco. Next installment of Butter Fanzine: The Bobbie Jo and the Twins Story.


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Rancho Mantequilla Music Award


The first annual Rancho Mantequilla Music Award was announced today. The winner is Ramsay Midwood. Shoot Out at the OK Chinese Restaurant, Vanguard, 2002 is a jewel of laid back funky blues, hysterically funny songs played by seriously great musicians. Standouts on this album: Don Heffington’s brilliant, spare traps; Randy Weeks’ wicked thumb picking; Danny McGough on keys; Kip Boardman on bass and keys; Josh Grange, guitar; Brantley Kearns, fiddle.

This has become my go-to practice album. As in–fun to play along with. If I could choose a band, I’d pick these guys, with one addition: Tony Gilkyson on Kay guitar.


Tony Gilkyson, left, with Ramsay Midwood band, Evangelo’s, Santa Fe, 2015.

Shootout was recorded in Hollywood before Midwood and several primo SoCal musicos split for Texas. Most of the LA–Texas ex-pats are doing well with regular local work in places like Sam’s Town Point, The Mucky Duck and, in Midwood’s case, constant touring. The band that I saw in Santa Fe, 2015, (with Tony Gilkyson sitting in) has been on the road forever. The epitome of precision in the service of laid-back, sparely arranged blues. Sing alongs like Monster Truck are icing on a very rich cake.

The simplicity of Midwood’s songs is genius. I’d just about kill to write one as good. Congratulations Ramsay!


The 2016 Rancho Mantequilla Music Award


Home of the RMMA.



Danny Gatton, Heineken Blues.


Danny Gatton ‘Heineken Slide Blues’ with Robert Gordon at the Saddle Rack, San Jose. Opening act: Carl Perkins who signed my Sun Box. butterphoto©1982. I shook hands with Danny and Robert’s band, Tony Garnier, Lee Allen. While I was shaking Danny’s hand, he asked if I was a guitar player. Before letting go on the handshake I said, “Maybe something will rub off.” Good laugh. I bought him another Heineken. Sweet guy.


Carl Perkins at the Saddle Rack, San Jose. butterphoto©1982

Sundays at Pappy & Harriet’s–10th Anniversary.


May 1 is my 10th anniversary at Rancho Mantequilla. Lots of great memories from my desert years. Pappy & Harriet’s plays large in the memory department. Above, Pappy’s Sunday Band, 2016. Below Pappy’s Sunday band, Thrift Store All Stars, 2006. All photos credit: butterphoto©2006-2016.



Jim Lauderdale, Sarah Petite, Nena Anderson channeling George Jones, last Sunday at Pappy & Harriet’s.


Robert Plant Zeppin it with Thrift Store All Stars, Pappy’s, 2006.

reva&toby dance mix

Reva (RIP) and Tobias on everybody’s favorite dance floor.


Rimrock Rhythm Pushers, last Sunday.


train 1 copy

Honky Tonk Train



sage 05 copy

Monet, Sage, Ted.

Rosie smile

Rosie Flores

Pamela and Carol Ann

Miss Pamela DesBarres, Carol Ann Crandall–wanna dance?




Los Straitjackets

I could spend a few days adding to this but time for some new horizons. Hope you enjoyed 10 years at Pappy & Harriet’s. All photos credit: butterphoto©2006–2016



Big River with DJ Butter-Maiden Voyage

Big River logo

Big River with DJ Butter–Maiden Voyage–One-hour podcast.

Premiere episode aired on Radio Free Joshua Tree in 2013.

Podcast theme: A musical trip down the mighty Mississippi River, up Highway 61, Minneapolis to New Orleans. Jazz, blues, r&b, country, folk, rock n roll, boogie, cajun, zydeco, pop, funk,–all roots, routes, bayous, trains, hopped up hot rods, cities, hamlets, and mud, the essence of great American music. Host, DJ Butter, spins mostly vinyl and a few historical yarns between classic tracks and stuff you probably never heard before. Picking up followers like hitch hikers on Highway 61. Take a cruise on the riverboat.

Big River with DJ Butter         Show #1– Maiden Voyage                

Big River- INTRO   Johnny Cash

West End Blues      Louis Armstrong

Memphis                  Chuck Berry

That’s All Right   Elvis/ Dewey Phillips WHBQ

Last Night                MarKeys

Memphis Blues   Phineas Newborn Jr

I’m Your Puppet-OUTRO          Dan Penn

Respect                          Otis Redding

Breakfast in Bed         Dusty in Memphis

September Gurls        Big Star #1 Record

Baby Scratch My Back   Slim Harpo

Who will the Next Fool Be     Jerry Lee Lewis

Louisiana Man     Rusty & Doug Kershaw

Ya Ya                       Lee Dorsey

Parchman Farm            Mose Allison Sings

Third Rate Romance   Amazing Rhythm Aces

Mardi Gras in NOLA     Prof. Longhair

Time is on my side        Irma Thomas

Lazy River/OUTRO        Armstrong

Swanee River Hop        Fats Domino