Albuquerque Show with David Butterfield and Joe Garcia

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Albuquerque Show. Landers Brew, Saturday 1/20. Join New Mexico homeboys Joe Garcia and David Butterfield for an evening of original music, art and photography with an Albuquerque theme. Watercolor ©2018 by on view and for sale at the show. 1388 Golden Slipper Lane, Landers, CA 92285.

David Butterfield, Joe Garcia, Landers Brew, Sat., 1/20, 8pm


Come out Saturday for the Albuquerque Show, with Joe Garcia’s Urban Desert Cabaret. Featuring my artwork and photography onstage. Great original music, BEER. UDC Landers Brew residency is really fun. Support your local musicians and party with legal vipers, mole people, combat wombats, free parking for flying saucers.

Happenings are back. Landers style.

David Butterfield, Joe Garcia-urban desert cabaret. Original music, art show, happening. Landers Brew, Tomorrow, Saturday, 9-23-17. 8pm.

click arrow to play original music track, ‘You’re Lyin’ by David Butterfield.


Wild Thang pigment print ©2017 studiomantequilla.


Save Cody’s Viva Cantina, Burbank.

Save Cody’s Viva Cantina, Pickwick! Sign the petition. Share the petition!

Repeating this post from my Summer residency in LA, 2016. Cody’s is a special place, dear to the hearts of SoCal music fans and especially MUSICIANS. The Glen Roberts Big Band probably wouldn’t exist if not for Thursday nights at Cody’s Cantina. And on and on.

Don’t let shady Trump-like real estate tactics prevail. Stand up for Cody’s!


Dave Gleason, Greg Boaz.



Glen Roberts Big Band


Jimmy Angel, Memphis, Tennessee.


Cody’s Viva Cantina, Burbank, CA. butterphoto©2016


Click link to original music track, ‘Long Gone Blues’ by David Butterfield. Come out to Landers Brew, this Saturday, 9/23 8pm.  Joe Garcia-urban desert cabaret.  Also showing original art and photography. Thanks Joe and Joanna.